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Overview of SAP CRM Functional
Overview of Object Oriented ABAP(Optional)
Exceptions(class level and method level)
Building global class

BSP(Business Server pages):

Html, bhtml , phtml, chtml tags.
State full and state less pages
Navigation between pages
F4 help
Page flow logic
Overview of User interface
Business Role Concept
Navigation Area
Header Area
Work Area

WEB UI Framework and Architecture:

Presentation Layer(BSP)
Business Layer(BOL)
Generic Interaction Layer(Genil)

UI Component Development and Enhancement Concepts:

WEB UI Component Structure Overview:
Component Workbench: T.code BSP_WD_CMPWB
Types of Controllers:
Custom Controller
View Controller
Types of views:
Form View
Table View
Empty View
Concept of Context
Types of Context Nodes
Model Nodes & Model Attributes
Value Nodes & Value Attributes
Event Handler Methods
Inbound Plugs
Outbound Plugs
Runtime Repository Editor
View Sets
Navigational Links
Component Interface
Component Usage
UI Configuration tool

Generic Interaction Layer(GeniL) Overview:

GeniL Object Model
Genil Components and Component sets
Types of GeniL Objects(Business Objects):
Root objects
Search Objects
Dynamic Search Objects
Dependent Objects
Search result Objects
Access Objects
Relationships between GeniL Objects
GeniL Object Model Tools:
GeniL Object Browser
GeniL BOL Browser

BOL (Business object Layer ) Programming (With Debugging)

Working with BOL Entities
Create entity
Read and Modify entity
Remove entity
Sorting of entities
Delete entity
Lock entity
Filtering entity
Create related entities
Reading Related entities

Message Handling in WEB UI.
Component Enhancement Examples :

Concept of Enhancement Set
Customization of Standard Components:
Search View
Overview View
Table View
Custom Component Development:
Search View Page(Search component)
Details View Page(Details component)
Dialog Boxes
Configuring Custom Component in the WEB UI
Enhancement of Data Model with the Application Enhancement Tool (AET CRM 7.0)
Easy Enhancement workbench(EEWB)
Extending Business Partner Search
Simple Objects
Design Layer

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