Introduction to SAP HANA
  • Describing the SAPHANA
  • How SAPHANA has become more popular over a traditional database
  • Benefits of Row and column based technology in SAP HANA
  • What is SAP BI/BW and how SAP HANA has overcome the limits of SAP
  • Why customers choose SAP HANA
  • Benefits of using SAP HANA
  • Operating systems supported by SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Hardware Partners
  • SAP HANA software Editions
  • SAP HANA software Innovations
  • SAP HANA Hardware Innovations
  • SAP HANA Areas Administrator Modeler and Application Developer
  • Knowledge on SAP BW.SAPBOBI and SAP Data Services needed for SAP
  • What is Business Suite on HANA SAP BW ON HANA, SAP ABAP ON HANA
  • The Evolution of SAP S/4 HANA
  • Comparisons of the versions
  • SAP HANA Editions
  • SAP HANA Release History
SAP HANALandscape and Architecture
  • Main components of an SAPHANA Landscape
  • SAP HANA Architecture Overview
  • What is SAP HANA Studio?
  • What is a Perspective and Different perspectives in SAP HANA Studio
  • How to connect to SAP HANA Database using SAP HANA Studio
  • Introduction to Modeling Perspective – Catalog. Content, Provisioning and
Creation of Different Types Attribute Views
  • Standard
  • Time and
  • Derived
  • Semantics Node – Hierarchies
  • Data Foundation – Calculated Columns
Privileges in SAP HANA
  • Analytic Privilege
Creation of Analytic Views
  • Semantics Node – Hierarchies, Parameters/Variables
  • Start Join – Calculated Columns, Restricted Columns and Input
  • Data Foundation – Input Parameters
Creation of Calculation Views.
  • Graphical Calculation Views – Cube and Dimension
  • Nodes: Join, Union, Projection, Aggregation and Rank
  • Scripted Calculation View
Creation of Decision Tables
  • Getting Started – Model simple decision table
  • Decision Table on HANA Database Tables
  • Decision Table on HANA Modeler Views
  • Decision Table on Table Type
Join Types in SAP HANA
  • Inner Join
  • Left join
  • Right Join
  • Referential Join
  • Text Join
SAP HANA Engines
  • Join Engine
  • OLAP Engine
  • Calculation Engine
System Schemas in SAP HANA
  • User Defined Schema
  • System Defined Schema
  • SLT Derived Schema
SAPHANA Procedures
  • Procedure Overview
  • Prerequisites of Creating the procedure
  • Creating the Procedure Using the SQL editor
  • Creating the Procedure Using the Modeler wizard in Modeler perspective
  • Creating the Procedure Using SAP HANA-XS project in “SAP HANA Development” perspective
  • SAP HANA-Data Replication Overview
  • SAP HANA-ETL Based Replication
  • SAP HANA-Log Based Replication
  • SAP HANA-DXC Method
  • SAP HANA-CTL Method
  • SAP HANA-MDX Provider
  • SAP HANA-SQL Overview
  • SAP HANA-Data Types
  • SAP HANA-SQL Operators
  • SAP HANA – SQL Functions
  • SAP HANA-SQL Expressions
  • SAP HANA-SQL Stored Procedures
  • SAP HANA-SQL Sequences
  • SAP HANA – SQL Triggers
  • SAP HANA – SQL Synonym
  • SAP HANA – SQL Explain Plans
  • SAP HANA-SQL Data Profiling
  • SAP HANA – SQL Script
  • SAP HANA CDS Views
  • How to Expose HANAviews as Data Services
SAP HANA Monitoring
  • SAPHANA-Monitoring and Alerting
  • SAP HANA – Persistent Layer
  • SAP HANA – Backup & Recovery
  • SAP HANA-High Availability
  • SAP HANA-Log Configuration
  • How to Transport SAP HANA Objects
  • Delivery Units
  • Transporting Models
SAP HANA Performance Guidelines
SAP HANA Modeling
  • Introduction to Modeling
  • Introduction to Data Warehouse
  • Introduction to Modeling in SAPBIBW
  • Working with Tables in SAP HANA Studio – Graphical and SQL Methods
  • Loading data from Flat File to SAP HANA
  • Different Information models – Attribute Views, Analytic Views Calculation
    Views and Decision Tables
  • SAP HANA CDS Views
  • How to Expose HANAviews as Data Services

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