SAP S4HANA PS Module Overview

  • Introduction to SAP S/4 HANA
  • Understanding SAP S/4 HANA PS based Fiori APPs
  • Understanding SAP Business Client
  • Describing Project Management with SAP S4 HANA EPPM.
  • Project Management with SAP S4 HANA Project Systems.
  • Improved Project Management of Complex projects.
  • Optimization of T codes & reports along the end to end process
  • Improved transparency and reduced risks.
  • Smart cross business entity with contextual navigation
  • Current Reference Document – Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 1809 Feature Pack Stack 02.Each Simplification Item will provide the following information: Description, Business Impact, and Recommendations and SAP Notes (for related Pre-Checks or
    Custom Code Checks.

CDS views provides the master data details of operative and versioned project system

Introduction to SAP Project System (SAP PS) Structures
  • Identifying Requirements for Structures in the SAP Project System (SAP PS)
Activities and Networks
  • Customizing Networks
  • Maintaining Networks and Activities
  • Using milestones in networks
  • Creating Standard Networks
Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Customizing WBS
  • Defining User Fields and Interface Settings
  • Using Multilingual Settings and Access Control Lists
  • Creating Operative Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Maintaining Operative Work Breakdown Structures
  • \Creating Standard Work Breakdown Structures
Project and Simulation Versions
  • Creating and Transferring Simulation Versions
  • Creating Project Versions
Project Validation & Substitution
  • Creating Project Validation
  • Creation Project Substitution

SAP Project System – Planning

Project Structures
  • Creating Project Structures
Project Capacities
  • Processing Internal Activities
  • Analysing Internal Activities and Capacity Requirements
  • Generating Capacity Requirements
  • Executing Capacity Analyses for Projects and Work Centres
  • Processing Confirmations and Triggering a Workflow for Variances
Functions and Types of Scheduling
  • Scheduling Dates for WBS Elements
  • Performing Scheduling of Network and Activities
  • Customizing in Time Scheduling
  • Scheduling Activities
  • Scheduling Constraints and Dependencies in Networks
  • Setting Actual Dates for WBS Elements and Activities
Project Materials
  • Assigning Material Components to Network Manually
  • Assigning Material Components to Activities Automatically
  • Maintaining the Field Selection for Material Components
  • Searching for Materials using Enhanced Features and Functions
  • Processing Material Procurement
  • Creating a Third-Party Requisition for Non-Stock Items
  • Executing an In-House Production Process
  • Processing Preliminary Requirements in Projects
  • Grouping Material Requirements
  • Using Material Assemblies
  • Performing a Material Availability Check
  • Generating Deliveries for the Shipping of Assemblies
External Activities
  • Executing Services for Externally Processed Activities
  • Using Workflows in the Project System
  • Integrating Service Activities
Planned Costs
  • Performing Configuration Settings for Cost Planning
  • Performing Direct Cost Planning Using WBS Elements
  • Performing Easy Cost Planning
  • Performing Cost Planning of Dependent Objects
  • Performing Cost Planning in Networks
  • Performing Cost Planning of Internal Activities
  • Performing Cost Planning of External Activities and Costing Activities
  • Performing Overhead Calculations
  • Performing Activity-Based Costing (ABC)
Planned Revenues
  • Performing Revenue Planning
  • Assigning Accounts for Sales Documents
  • Performing Sales Pricing and Creating a Sales Order.
  • Performing Budgeting Functions
  • Configuring Budgeting Functions

Project Execution

Actual Costs
  • Executing a Project
  • Executing Projects Using Activity Confirmation and the Cross-Application Time Sheet(CATS)
  • Performing Internal Activities
  • Assigning Material Components to a Project
  • Processing Material Requirements
  • Performing the Purchasing Process
  • Performing Production Processing for an Assembly order
Actual Revenue
  • Describing Billing Methods and Controls
  • Performing Milestone Billing with Down Payments
  • Performing Resource-Related Billing

Performing Procedures for Period-End Costing ,Fiori Based Project Reports and
Standard tables

Period-End Closing
  • Using the Progress Analysis Workbench to Monitor and Evaluate the Project Schedule
  • Performing Results Analysis
  • Executing a Settlement
  • Fiori Based Reports, Structure/Project Structure Overview, Individual Overview, Hierarchy Reports, Cost Element Reports , Line Item Reports, Purchase Requisition and Purchase Orders for the Projects , Material Reports,
  • ECC to S4HANA by migration cockpit method

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