Master Data
  • Map the organizational structures of the enterprise
  • Describe the features of material type and material categories
  • Outline the features of the material group hierarchy
  • Describe the features of the article hierarchy
  • Create variant-creating characteristics
  • Create material master for single article
  • Create material master for Generic & variant articles
  • Create material master for Prepack Articles
  • Create material master for Display Articles
  • Create material master for Sales Set Articles
  • Identify some specific material master data relevant for SAP S/4HANA for fashion & vertical business
  • Outline the definition of assortment and listing.
Site Master Data
  • Definition of Terms
  • Maintain site Profiles
  • Create Reference Sites
  • Update site profiles with reference sites
  • Define storage location in sites
  • Additional sites Data
  • Customizing for sites
  • Site Grouping
  • Creation of sites
  • Distribution Centers
  • Stores
Merchandizing Distribution (Retail Allocation)
  • Describe the overall process of retail allocation
  • Create allocation tables in reference to purchase order and from the available stock
  • Elaborate on the functionalities available for managing the allocations
  • Execute the follow-on process steps of retail allocation
  • Create the collective purchase order
  • Explain the retail specific merchandise distribution concept
  • Vendor to Store supply via allocation table
  • DC to Store Supply via allocation table
  • Listing via allocation table
  • Allocation rule
Price Management
  • Explain price determination in sales orders
  • Describe price determination in purchase orders
  • Describe retail pricing functionality
  • Explain 1- and 2-Step price calculations
  • Outline how to maintain different prices for different colors of the same generic material
  • Vendor Mixed Price
  • Sales Set Pricing
  • Pricing Type
  • Price Fixing
Promotion & Bonus Buy
  • Describe the function of promotion maintenance
  • Outline the subsequent processing functions within the promotion
  • Explain how to set up a promotion
  • Explain bonus buy
  • Free Goods
  • Percentage Discount
  • Absolute discount
  • Bill Value discount
  • Article Group based discount
  • Multi deal & Combo deal
  • Listing through promotion
  • Vendor funded promotion
  • Allocation table through promotion
Replenishment Planning
  • Explain the basic principles of the replenishment and store order functions
  • Explain replenishment monitor and follow-on document generation
  • Static Replenishment Planning
POS Inbound
  • Aggregated Sales
  • Receipt based Sales
  • Means of Payment
  • Goods Movement Control
  • Configuration settings for POS Inbound
  • Overview of SAP CAR
POS Outbound
  • PLU Idoc
  • SET idoc
  • TAX idoc
  • MCH idoc
  • CURRENCY idoc
  • Configuration settings for POS Outbound Process
Season Management
  • Season Workbench
  • Season assignment
  • Season determination in SO
  • Season determination in PO
  • Mass Listing
  • Listing via Assortment Module
  • Individual Listing
  • Listing from Article Master
  • Listing Procedure
  • General & Local Assortments
  • De-Listing
  • Assortment Creation, Assortment types & Modules
  • Creating a Layout module
  • Listing – Assignment of Articles to Assortments and Creating Listing Conditions
  • Listing Procedures & Listing via Layout Customizations
  • Assignment of Products to Layout Modules
Sales Order Management for E-Com
  • Sales Order Creation
  • Outbound Delivery
  • Billing
Procurement cycle
  • Purchase Order Creation
  • Inbound Delivery
  • Goods Receipt
  • Invoice Verification

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